"Pick a Slogan" Advertising Flags
"Pick a Slogan" Advertising Flags

*All 13' kits contain a 10' flag and 13' pole
*All 17' kits contain a 14' flag and 17' pole
*All 11.5’ kits contain a 10’ flag
*All 15.5’ kits contain a 14’ flag
*All 7.5’ kits contain a 7’ flag
*All 12.5’ kits contain a 11.5’ flag

Choose between Feather Dancer, Kahuna, Rectangular “Flag” shape, Sidewalk Solution, Tail Feather, Wing Pro and Windchaser shapes.

Please call us if you are having trouble navigating this section of our website. We are still trouble shooting how user friendly it is.

All designs read reverse on the back (mirror image, bleed through). Don’t worry the brain flips the message and it will be legible on the back side. Double sided flags that read correctly both sides have shadow through images and the heavier flag stresses the hardware (Please…trust me on this).

The KITS include flag, black canvas carrying bag, interlocking fiberglass or aluminum flag pole, fiberglass ground stake, Coroplast ground shield & ground washer. Caution: Always wear gloves when handling fiberglass ground stake.

The Flagpoles for the WindChasers and the narrower Tail Feathers are Aluminum. The Dancers, Sidewalk Solutions, Kahuna and wider WingPro shapes have Fiberglass flagpoles.

The Sidewalk Solutions comes with a Sand Base. Other mounting hardware available for the shapes that use flagpoles up to 10’.

These items ship in about a week.

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