Zion (Israel) Flag Set

Zion (Israel) Flag Set
This flag was created to represent the Zionist movement and would later be used as Israel's flag. The colors are blue and white. The design includes the star of david in blue on a white background with a verticle stripe lining the top and bottom of the flag. The flag was adopted on October 28th, 1948. Decoration fringed or plain. Type silk screen printed. Finished with a pole pocket that attaches to an oak flagpole. The display is completed with a gold floor stand, a Brass star of David, and a gold cord & tassel.
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Flag SizePole SizePolePrice 
3x5' Fringed8' x 1 1/4"Oak Finish $233.00
3x5' Plain8' x 1 1/4"Oak Finish $217.00
4x6' Fringed9' x 1 1/4"Oak Finish $270.00
4x6' Plain9' x 1 1/4"Oak Finish $252.00