Vertical Flags & Banners

Vertical Flags & Banners

In need of some extra recognition? These vertical flags are great attention getters. As opposed to traditional flags and banners, vertical flags offer a unique shape and element that differentiates from the norm. Perfect for any business or establishment; when positioned at your entrance, in your lot, or even inside, vertical flags do an excellent job of grabbing the attention of anyone who passes by. Use them to promote your business; vertical flags do a fantastic job of alerting your clientele to your located and do an even better job advertising your product or service. Sometimes all your customers need is an invitation and a vertical message sign is just the thing to say WELCOME!

The center panel is single thickness and reads reverse on the backside. The GRO3TOP has grommets on the 3’ top. The GRO5HOIST has grommets on the 5’ hoist. The GRO8HOIST has grommets on the 8’ hoist. The GRO5 PSTOP has grommets on the 5’ hoist with a pole pocket on the top. (GRO5 PSTOP is designed to be displayed on the Wind chaser Jr. pole and ground sleeve.)

Custom color side panels are available. Add $6.00 each 5' flag and $8.00 each 8'flag. Call us at 800-621-FLAG (3524) to place custom color order.

The 8’ flags are available with a lined double center panel. Please realize they are heavier and will not fly as well. Add $37.00 for double panel. Call us at 800-621-FLAG (3524) to place orders for double center.

These flags ship in about a week.

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LeasingNylon2.5x5'GRO5HOIST $27.80
LeasingNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
ModelNylon3x8'GRO8HOIST $46.75
ModelsNylon2.5x5'GRO5HOIST $27.80
ModelsNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
New CarsNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
Now LeasingNylon3x8'GRO8HOIST $46.75
OpenNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
OpenNylon2.5x5'GRO5HOIST $27.80
OpenNylon3x8'GRO8HOIST $46.75
SaleNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
SaleNylon2.5x5'GRO5HOIST $27.80
SaleNylon3x8'GRO8HOIST $46.75
TrucksNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
TrucksNylon2.5x5'GRO5HOIST $27.80
Used CarsNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
Used CarsNylon2.5x5'GRO5HOIST $27.80
Used CarsNylon3x8'GRO8HOIST $46.75
We FinanceNylon3x8'GRO8HOIST $46.75
WelcomeNylon2.5x5'GRO5 PSTOP $33.20
WelcomeNylon2.5x5'GRO5HOIST $27.80
WelcomeNylon3x8'GRO8HOIST $46.75