Telescoping Pole

Telescoping Pole
Clear anodized 16 gauge aluminum poles are rope, pulley and noise free. Attach the flag to the special flag harness, raise the pole and raise the flag! Gold ball and ground sleeve included. OVERSIZED SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY AND IS ESTIMATED AROUND $10 over and above regular Ground shipping charges.
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Aluminum15' x 2.25"Black Anodized $315.00
Aluminum15' x 2.25"Bronze Anodized $315.00
Aluminum15' x 2.25"Clear Anodized $261.00
Aluminum15' x 2.25"White Painted $333.00
Aluminum20' x 2.25"Black Anodized $369.00
Aluminum20' x 2.25"Bronze Anodized $369.00
Aluminum20' x 2.25"Clear Anodized $315.00
Aluminum20' x 2.25"White Painted $378.00
Aluminum25' x 3"Clear Anodized $492.00