Smaller Residential, Parade Poles, Banner Bars, Etc.

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We carry a wide variety of smaller residential poles, parade poles and banner bars various usages.

Our economy blade and teardrop pole has removable sections which allows for size variability in order to suit your particular needs. Each pole comes complete with its own storage bag, and a sturdy round base comes along with these poles, as well. A fiberglass spike is another accessory that comes with this package, should you want to stake your pole into the ground.

We carry indoor/parade poles that are gold and adjustable, gold or silver aluminum, and high quality wood. Our universally adjustable indoor/parade poles are 1¼" in diameter and sport a shiny gold anodized finish. Our Gold or Silver aluminum indoor/parade poles are two-piece poles, which are extremely durable. And our high-quality wood pole is made of fine polished oak. This pole in particular is regal and tasteful, but does not sacrifice quality in the least. It is sure to last for generations to come.

We offer mounting sets for indoor flag presentations, such as religious ceremonies, scout ceremonies, opening receptions, awards ceremonies, etc. These sets generally are utilized with flags that have a pole pocket. Completing this display is a sturdy golden floor stand, a gold cord and tassel, and a gorgeous eagle on top.

We Also carry accessories such as telescoping poles, telescoping flag[oles, tangle free spinning poles, outdoor poles, flexible telescoping poles, and more.

Our boulevard banner bars with brackets come in cast aluminum, fiberglass and power coated steel.

Our cast aluminum banner bar is recommended for use with Avenue banners. This set comes with all of the necessary bracings and accessories that you need in order to advertise to walkers by.

Our fiberglass boulevard banner bar is a viable alternative and is also recommended for use with avenue banners. This model allows for a bit more flexibility, and might work better in windier areas.

Our power coated steel model comes with completely bolted brackets with fit wonderfully with a square pole.