Red, White and Blue Tail and Blade Flags

Red, White and Blue Tail and Blade Flags

Blade flags and Tail Flags are a favorite of major corporations. Stylish and aesthetically pleasing; blade flags use their shape to their advantage by keeping your message visible even during the stillest of days. Coincidently, when there is wind, the free hanging corner creates movement that is nothing short of eye-catching. Our blade flags are a great way to create a buzz for your establishment whether it’s for a special sale or a grand opening. They are guaranteed to attract the attention of customers and are extremely effective when placed by the road or within a densely populated shopping district. At About Flags Inc. we want to make certain that our clients receive a flag that delivers results. Our blade flags and Tail Flags come with a variety of different messages written within the unmistakable red, white, & blue strips to ensure long lasting usability and function for your business.

These 12' and 7.5' blade flags are printed on 3.8 oz. polyester and the image reads reverse on the back side. This flag always stays open so your message will not be lost on wind-less days. (Call for information on custom messages or designs.) The flags fly on a 1" aluminum, sectional pole, and mounts onto a Corkscrew Anchor. Call to discuss other mounting solutions for indoor use, or wall mounts. Flag and pole are SOLD SEPARATELY.

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11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterFireworksFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterLeasingFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterModelFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterOpen HouseFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterOpenFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterSaleFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterSpecialsFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterStars & StripesFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterTrucksFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterUsed CarsFlag Only $101.00
11.5'x28"Knitted PolyesterWelcomeFlag Only $101.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterFireworksFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterLeasingFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterModelFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterOpen HouseFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterOpenFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterSaleFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterSpecialsFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterStars & StripesFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterTrucksFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterUsed CarsFlag Set $122.00
12.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterWelcomeFlag Set $122.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterFireworksFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterLeasingFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterModelFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterOpen HouseFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterOpenFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterSaleFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterSpecialsFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterStars & StripesFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterTrucksFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterUsed CarsFlag Only $81.00
7'x28"Knitted PolyesterWelcomeFlag Only $81.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterFireworksFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterLeasingFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterModelFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterOpen HouseFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterOpenFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterSaleFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterSpecialsFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterStars & StripesFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterTrucksFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterUsed CarsFlag Set $101.00
7.5' PoleKnitted PolyesterWelcomeFlag Set $101.00