Pennsylvania Flag

Pennsylvania Flag
This flag was adopted on April 24, 1907. The colors of the flag are blue, red, white, blue, gold, green and black. The flag was designed in1778. The designer is possibly Caleb Lownes. The design features a shield with an American Bald Eagle, flanked by horses, and adorned with symbols of Pennsylvania's strengths-a ship carrying state commerce to all parts of the world; a clay-red plough, a symbol of Pennsylvania's rich natural resources; and three golden sheaves of wheat, representing fertile fields and it's wealth of human thought and action. An olive branch and cornstalk cross limbs beneath—symbols of peace and prosperity. The state motto-Virtue, Liberty and Independence-also appear. On top of the coat of arms is a Bald Eagle, representing Pennsylvania's loyalty to the United States. All outdoor flags are finished with heading and brass grommets (H&G). PH denotes pole hem for indoor and parade use. PHF denotes pole hem and gold fringe.
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Nylon12x18"H&G $13.20
Nylon2x3'H&G $25.40
Nylon3x5'H&G $37.80
Nylon3x5'PH $55.20
Nylon3x5'PHF $62.20
Polyester Bunting3x5'H&G $54.32
Nylon4x6'H&G $67.30
Nylon4x6'PH $84.20
Nylon4x6'PHF $92.20
Polyester Bunting4x6'H&G $84.01
Nylon5x8'H&G $104.70
Polyester Bunting5x8'H&G $132.64
Nylon6x10'H&G $180.60