Open House Banners

Open House Banners

These open house banners are made with heavy-duty weatherized cloth and are double sewn. They also feature 5-foot rope ties on all four corners, so you can hang and securely fasten your banner almost anywhere.

About Flags’ open house banners are available in two sizes: 5 feet or 10 feet.

For Home Owners and Realtors

Open house banners help sell homes and bring in tenants!

Whether you’re selling your home as a sale-by-owner, or you’re a realtor, open house banners are important for signaling that a house just came on the market. These brightly colored red, white, and blue banners are attention grabbing and will drive potential buyers to a property.

These banners can also help you attract potential tenants to fill openings.


Are you a small business owner celebrating the grand opening of your store? Maybe you recently moved your business to a new location, and want to spread the word to your existing customers by hosting a grand re-opening.

Open house banners from About Flags will fit within your budget so you can market your business to customers.

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