Large Aluminum Flagpoles

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Cone Tapered, Satin Finished, Aluminum Flagpoles. Clear, Bronze & Black anodized also available. Call to discuss particulars on the pole that interests you. Contact us to work up a specific quote that would include shipping charges.

Our large aluminum flagpoles all come cone tapered, satin finished, and are made from highly durable aluminum. We have several other options for our flagpoles, which are clear anodized, bronze anodized, and black anodized. We will work with you to come up with a specific quote that would include all shipping charges.

The aluminum external flagpoles in our budget series have a satin finish and external ropes. These Budget flagpoles come with one single stationary truck, polypropylene rope, gold anodized aluminum ball (which is the same diameter as butt), two flag snaps, cast aluminum cleat, and ground socket of appropriate size. A flash collar can be added for $24.00. Additionally, halyard and cleat covers are not included, but can be ordered separately. Also, poles are available with black, bronze, and clear anodized finishes. Large sized flagpoles CANNOT be ordered online, and therefore you need to call or email us so that you can specify what you would like to order.

Our aluminum external ground set flagpoles are cone tapered, aluminum with satin finish, have external halyards, and ropes on the outside of the pole. This model includes a single revolving cast aluminum truck, a nine inch cast aluminum cleat, chrome plated snaps with covers, appropriate halyard, spun aluminum flash collar, gold anodized aluminum ball, and a standard foundation tube. The included truck is stationary, however you can upgrade this to a revolving truck for an extra charge.

Our Aluminum Internal Halyard Cam Cleat series of flagpoles have many options so we recommend giving us a call to make sure you get the perfect pole for your needs!