Guam Flag

Guam Flag
This flag was adopted on July 4, 1917. The colors of the flag are dark blue, red, white, green, brown and gold. The flag was designed inJuly 4, 1917. The designer is Gov. Robert E. Coontz's with input from Francisco Feja and Helen Paul. The design recalls the slingshot stones used by the islanders' ancestors. The landform represents the Punta Dos Amantes cliff on Guam. The coconut tree, also known as the Tree of Life is in a dominant position. The shape of the seal is that of a Chamorro sling stone used as a weapon for warfare and hunting. The coconut tree, growing in sand, represents self-sustenance and a determination to grow and survive under any circumstance-it defies the elements to bend its will. Its bent trunk represents a people which have been tested by famine, natural calamities, genocide and foreign wars but have continued to endure as a race. The seal also includes a flying Proa, a seagoing craft, built by the Chamorro people, It was fast and flexible in the water and needed great skill to build and sail. The river, where fresh water rushes to meet the ocean, represents a willingness to share the resources of the land. The land mass in the background represents the people's commitment to their homeland and environment, by sea or land. Also in the background is an image of Two Lovers' Point representing the people's commitment to passing their heritage, culture, and language to future generations. All outdoor flags are finished with heading and brass grommets (H&G). PH denotes pole hem for indoor and parade use. PHF denotes pole hem and gold fringe.
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Nylon12x18"H&G $13.20
Nylon2x3'H&G $25.40
Nylon3x5'H&G $37.80
Nylon3x5'PH $55.20
Nylon3x5'PHF $62.20
Polyester Bunting3x5'H&G $72.00
Nylon4x6'H&G $67.30
Nylon4x6'PH $84.20
Nylon4x6'PHF $92.20
Polyester Bunting4x6'H&G $107.30
Nylon5x8'H&G $104.70
Polyester Bunting5x8'H&G $165.30
Nylon6x10'H&G $180.60