Feather Dancer Flags

Feather Dancer Flags
Durable Feather Dancer flags feature a 3-piece metallized polyethylene tail assembly that springs to life in the most gentle breeze. The flags can be purchased individually or you can add the accessory set which includes the mounting hardware, ground stake and a storage bag. The flags are nylon or poly cotton knit, finished with a 1.5" pole pocket closed at top and a grommet on the bottom of the pocket which will be used to secure the flag to the pole with a bungee cord. POCKETS WILL FIT UP TO A 1" POLE. Call to discuss quantity breaks at 3 pieces, or 6 or more pieces.

These flags and accessory sets ship in about a week.

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10' pole / 8' flagTelescoping FiberglassMounting HardwareAccessory Set $69.00
17' pole / 14' flagTelescoping FiberglassMounting HardwareAccessory Set $89.00
3X14'Knitted PolyesterUncle SamFlag Only $79.65
3X14'Knitted PolyesterCheckered BlueFlag Only $79.65
3X14'Knitted PolyesterCheckered BlackFlag Only $79.65
3X14'Knitted PolyesterCheckered RedFlag Only $79.65
3X14'NylonSolid BlueFlag Only $92.25
3X14'NylonSolid GreenFlag Only $92.25
3X14'NylonSolid OrangeFlag Only $92.25
3X14'NylonSolid RedFlag Only $92.25
3X14'NylonSolid WineberryFlag Only $67.00
3X14'NylonSolid YellowFlag Only $92.25
3X14'NylonSplit: Blue & YellowFlag Only $92.25
3X14'NylonSplit: Green & YellowFlag Only $92.25
3X14'NylonSplit: Wine & WhiteFlag Only $92.25
3X8'Knitted PolyesterUncle SamFlag Only $46.30
3X8'Knitted PolyesterCheckered BlueFlag Only $46.30
3X8'Knitted PolyesterCheckered BlackFlag Only $46.20
3X8'Knitted PolyesterCheckered RedFlag Only $46.30
3X8'NylonSolid BlueFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSolid GreenFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSolid OrangeFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSolid RedFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSolid WineberryFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSolid YellowFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSplit: Blue & YellowFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSplit: Green & YellowFlag Only $56.00
3X8'NylonSplit: Wine & WhiteFlag Only $56.00