Episcopal Flag Set

Episcopal Flag Set
This flag was created to represent the Episcopal Churches. The colors are red, blue, white. The design includes a large cross in the center and nine crosslets in the upper left corner. The flag was adopted on October 16th, 1940. It was designed by William M. Baldwin. Decoration fringed or plain. Type silk screen printed. Finished with a pole pocket that attaches to an oak flagpole. The display is completed with a gold floor stand, an attractive brass plated aluminum church cross, and a gold cord & tassel.
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Flag SizePole SizePole/StandPrice 
3x5' Plain8' x 11/4"Oak/Elite $215.00
3x5' Fringed8' x 11/4"Oak/Elite $231.10
4x6' Plain9' x 11/4"Oak/Elite $250.00
4x6' Fringed9' x 11/4"Oak/Elite $268.60