Commercial Flags

Commercial Flags

COMMERCIAL FEATHER FLAGS grab your attention with a new wave. Stock message flags are available as shown for $75.40 each. You can customize your choice of colors for $94.50 each but you need to call us with your PMS color choices. Solid colors and other available messages: ANTIQUES, CAR RENTALS CAR WASH, COCKTAILS, CONDOS, DELI, LUNCH, NEW TRUCKS, NOW LEASING, PARTY, PIZZA, RENTALS AVAILABLE, SPECIAL OFFER, USED TRUCKS, WE FINANCE. Call for pricing. The hardware is sold separate.

Our commercial flags are a must for any business. They boost advertising with their eye-catching colors and unique shape. Dozens of passers by notice advertising markers such as our feather flags and they make the decision to enter your business. It is as simple as that. And with out wide selection of stock message flags, you are sure to get your message across. Some examples of our stock messages on our commercial flags are 'open house', 'open', 'used cars', 'sale', and 'grand opening'.

We also offer the option of customizing your own flag. This great feature for our commercial flags really helps out smaller specialty shops, or shops that offer very specific items. Such as gems or rocks, guitar repair, pottery, etc. And this is especially true for specialty shops that are located in the middle of other businesses that are not so similar. Invest in your small business with a customizable and you'll see the results.

Our Colors are extremely vivid and bright, which is a huge factor when it comes to drawing in foot traffic. We use heavy-duty fiberglass, and tough nylon to create these flags so that the wind can be blowing during the harshest winter months, or the rain could be falling during a storm and our commercial flags will remain intact. We offer extremely rough and tough hardware but it is sold separately. However, if you contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you in order to find the best hardware to suit your commercial flag.

It is important to note that you need to call us at 800-621-3524 for customized color choices.

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15' PoleFiberglassWhite $76.00
12' poleFiberglassSilver Telescoping $51.90
2x8'NylonUsed Cars $75.40
2x8'NylonNew Cars $75.40
2x8'NylonGrand Opening $75.40
2x8'NylonModels Open $75.40
2x8'NylonNew Homes $75.40
2x8'NylonOpen $75.40
2x8'NylonOpen House $75.40
2x8'NylonSale $75.40
2x8'NylonU.S.A. Flag $75.40
2x8'NylonMade in the U.S.A. $75.40
2x8'NylonWelcome $75.40