Red White and Blue Bow Flags

Red White and Blue Bow Flags
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11' pole / 8' FlagFiberglassMounting HardwareAccessory Set $96.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterFireworksFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterLeasingFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterModelFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterOpen HouseFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterOpenFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterSaleFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterSpecialsFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterTrucksFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterUsed CarsFlag Only $89.00
8'x44"Knitted PolyesterWelcomeFlag Only $89.00

The unique shape of bow flags alone is enough to draw the attention of passersby. Custom Bow flags make excellent use of style and utility to become a key feature in a business’ marketing campaign. Traditional flags and banners are at the mercy of the weather and the message on your flag or banner can become distorted when the conditions aren’t as favorable as we would like. Unlike other flags, the distinct shape of the bow flags was engineered so that the message is always display regardless of the elements. This makes them one of our best outdoor advertising flags and a must-have for any business looking to use their surrounding environment to their advantage.

Our Custom bow flags come in a variety of messages coupled with the traditional red, white, & blue stripes allowing for maximum functionality. Use them to line an entrance way or the side lines at a sporting event; perfect for trade shows, retail outlets, and popular community events; bow flags display the type of style and professionalism that your customers expect from your business.

This flag design is printed on 3.8 oz. polyester fabric. It measures 8'x44" at the widest part and always stays open so your message is always visible. The image reads reverse on the back side. (Call for information on custom messages or designs.) The fiberglass pole stands 11' tall, has 4 sections and mounts onto a Corkscrew Anchor. Call to discuss other mounting solutions for indoor use, or wall mounts. Flags and poles are SOLD SEPARATELY.