Blade Advertising Flags

Blade Advertising Flags
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Nylon2' x 11'ATM $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Bagels $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Car Wash $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Chinese Take Out $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Clearance $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Dry Cleaners $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Financing $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Free Wi-Fi $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Fresh Produce - Corn $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Fresh Produce - Fruit $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Hot Coffee $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Ice $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Ice Cream $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Leasing $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Lottery $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Nails $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'New Homes $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Now Hiring - Blue $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Now Hiring - Red $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Open 24 Hours $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Open House $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Pet Supplies $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Pizza $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Rentals $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Sale $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Storage $75.00
Nylon2' x 11'Sushi $75.00

Blade advertising flags are a solid and simple way to bolster advertising for your business or organization. The blade shape can flap a bit, but they mostly stay stationary. The blade shape is recognizable, but not dull. Especially with our vivid colors, unique images, and flashy yet tasteful design, our advertising blade flags are an economical and worthwhile investment for the visibility and popularity of your business or organization. Each blade advertising flag is 2′ × 11′ and are made of durable, long lasting nylon. These 11’ flags require a 12' or 16’ pole and spike.

We currently offer eight advertising blade flags that are food or drink themed. Need to advertise your bagel shop? We got you covered. A lot of time passers by don't even know that you have a little sandwich shop or bistro because they are located inside of strip malls. Chinese take out restaurants are similar in that regard, and we also have flags that cater to them. Hot coffee and ice cream are two other food or drink themed blade flags we carry. Our 'open 24 hours' blade flag could be used in tandem with these last two in a diner type establishment. We also have pizza and sushi blade flags.

Free wi-fi, clearance, leasing, open house, and sale are all blade flags that we offer for more general purposes. There are a wide variety of businesses or organizations that could benefit from the use of these. For example, Freewi-fi is not only offered at café's, but also at libraries, museums, train stations, etc. It is important to keep your customer well informed, and that is really where our blade flags shine.