Celebrate Veterans Day with a Song and Flags

Hello everybody! Abby here for a special Veterans Day blog!

Each year on November 11th, our nation comes together to remember and honor those who have served our country. Veterans day was previously known as armistice day because it is the day WWI ended. It was later changed to celebrate veterans from all wars. However, other nations, specifically European ones, still celebrate November 11th as Armistice or Remembrance Day. Veterans Day is often confused with Memorial Day. Veterans Day honors those who have served in our military and are living, while Memorial Day celebrates those who died while serving.

Across the United States on November 11th, we hold ceremonies and parades to show our love and appreciation for our veterans. This Veterans Day is especially important because of the new Veteran Affairs scandals and the recent election. Over the past 3 years, multiple VA scandals have surfaced on how our government has treated our veterans. These findings were disheartening. Our veterans have fought for us but we have let them down in the worst way possible. Regarding the recent election, we have just made a huge decision that greatly affects not only our entire country, but determines the fate of our veterans. We have just elected a new President, Senators, Congressmen, etc. who all have say (some more than others) in how our veterans are treated. I think it’s fair to say that this election has been like no other election we have seen before. While our nation is divided, we must put our differences aside and remember that we can all agree that our heroes deserve better.

Below is a video that About Flags has made for our veterans to help show our love and gratitude for them. We hope all veterans have a lovely Veterans Day! We thank you for everything you have done for our country!


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