About Flags, Inc

ABOUT FLAGS, INC.,a business specializing in Soft Signage, retail sales of all types of flags, banners, flagpoles and related items including everything you may need for tradeshow applications.

ABOUT FLAGS was established January 21, 1988 in the State of Illinois as a Sole Proprietor. The business was relocated to Pennsylvania in February 1989. In January of 2000 the business was incorporated under a sub chapter S charter. This change in corporate structure was driven by an increase in revenues experienced as a result of an expanded internet presence.

I think our president was destined to start this business. Back in High School she marched on the drill team with a special effects flag. After College she was hired as an expeditor at a major east coast flag manufacturer. She was promoted to assistant production manager which gave her knowledge of every aspect of the flag industry. She moved to the Mid-West in the 80’s and at one point was hired by a different flag manufacturer as Plant Manager. Her experience there made her decide to try her hand at starting her own business in the retail end of the industry.

When choosing a name ABOUT FLAGS, INC for the business in 1988 it was important to her to have the name tell the story. The yellow pages were still a main marketing venue and it was important for her to be at the top of the list. About Flags!

Her manufacturing background makes her a nudge for the products she buys and suppliers she works with. It is important that the quality represents her values. The hardware should be easy to assemble and functional in the field to provide durability and long lasting results. She personally wants to tour flag manufacturing facilities and see samples of items she puts her name on. She likes to brainstorm customer projects so she can help the client chose the right flags and product for the desired result, at a fair price.

Here at ABOUT FLAGS we can put a new wave in your marketing effort by adding color and movement to catch the eye.

Our Range of Flag

ABOUT FLAGS! can assist you with custom flags with your unique logo. We can customize message banners and feather/blade type flags to let the community know what is new and exciting at your organization. We print “Point of Purchase” banners for the retail market or sales offices. Street banners and light post displays can dress up parking lots or announce special events. Need a podium, press conference banner or a tent with chairs? How about your church, motorcycle club or fire department? We can print or appliqué on nylon.